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The commonly used stage lighting lighting engineers must know the term summary
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The success of a show, stage lighting design is very important, is a stage lighting audio processing is properly marked. Stage lighting is not only to illuminate the actor, let the audience see the facial expression, expression, action, for clean foil, increase the three-dimensional visual effect, to soothe the heart soft parts, audiences in sensual pleasure.


Commonly used lights term


Eight DMX - DMX control channel parameters.


16 DMX - one using two DMX control channel parameters. Usually used for horizontal and vertical control fine adjustments.


ACL (aircraft take-off and landing lights) - a very narrow beam PAR bulbs, the light bulb brightness and color temperature higher than a standard PAR bulbs.


This ACN (structure control network) - one for the lamps and lanterns of sending and receiving data through Ethernet networks industry standard protocols.


Art - Net - a dedicated to send DMX data through Ethernet networks.


Automated lighting - a can remotely control the lamps and lanterns, usually can exercise and/or change the color.


Ballyhoo (with) - the movement of a programming automation lighting effect, looks like a random movement in the area of the definition of the lamps and lanterns.


Bank - see page.


Beamage - a is used to describe the terms of the beam of projection lamps and lanterns is in the air.


Board - see control table.


Bump - with 0 seconds to change the &#118alue of a parameter. Usually assigned to the control on the stage of an instant button.


Bump buttons - a lighting control on the stage can be generated when the press and release of an action button. Also known as point control keys.


Chase (track) - a set of circular CUE or step.


CMY (green, magenta, yellow) - a kind of color mixing method based on adjusting filter specified wavelength.


The Console (controller) - a self-developed input control device for programming the lights.


But Light (normal Light) - a kind of automation of lamps and lanterns, often need to use silicon to control.


Crossfade (Crossfade) - a assigned to the parameter is used to control the lamps and lanterns from a DMX &#118alue change to another DMX &#118alues of time duration.


CTB, Color Temperature Blue Color Temperature (Blue) - a can improve the Color Temperature of lamps and lanterns output Color close to 7000 k.


The CTO, Color Temperature Orange (Color Temperature Orange) - a can reduce the Color Temperature of lamps and lanterns output Color close to 3200 k. Cue - lighting control taichung basic placeholders for all programming data. Often also referred to as step (step), look (scenario) or clip (clip).


Cuelist (CUE list) - a series of CUE for playback in a specified order. Also known as sequ


Owing to (sequence)


The stack (stack).


Desk - see control table.


DHCP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) - a kind of can automatically assigned IP address of the computer network protocols.


Digital Light (Digital modulation) - a kind of can the lamps and lanterns of remote control, it adopts the mechanical (usually a video output) way to create and change the output of the lamps and lanterns.


Dimmer (dimmers) - a device used to control the brightness of the incandescent lamps and lanterns.


DMX, Digital Multiplexing (data Multiplexing) - a used in the programming of lighting product agreement. This agreement includes 512 channels, each channel has 256 &#118alues. Typically, a single channel is used to control a automation lamps and lanterns of a function.


DMX Address (DMX Address) - for a starting DMX channels or dimmers lamps and lanterns.


DMX Universe (DMX domain) - a DMX domain including 512 control channel. Often also referred to as a world (field) or output (output).


Effects (effect) - a light controller or lamps and lanterns to create presets tracking mathematical operations.


Ethernet (Ethernet) - a device to transfer data between computer network method. DMX can often be converted into a kind of transmission through Ethernet protocol for data distribution.


Fader (so) - light control on the stage one can manually crossfade parameters of equipment.


Fixtures, lamps and lanterns) - lighting equipment.


Fixture Number (Number of lamps and lanterns) - easy to lighting programmer during programming to access a specific Number of lamps and lanterns, is often the case with the lamps and lanterns of the DMX address is different.


Flyout (fly out) - programming automation lamps and lanterns of vertical movement from one location to another location. For example, a typical FLYOUT CUE is moved from the stage of lamps and lanterns light beam to the audience area.


FOH (Front of House Front area) - lighting and audio console area called FOH, because it is usually located in the area.


Gobo (design) - a rotating between the bulb and the lens system of lamps and lanterns of metal or glass. Pattern is used in the projection image and graphics.


Grand Master (Master push rod) - control on the stage a brightness of the push rod can control the total output. The master push rod in preference to the brightness control on all other functions.


Group (Group) - accused of taichung the lamps and lanterns of a storage array. Use groups to choose lamps and lanterns can greatly increase the speed of your programming.


GUI (Graphical User Interface Graphical User Interface) - a except through the pressed key input data allows the User to input method.


Hard Edge Light (Hard Edge lamps and lanterns) - a beam can be conducted on an image of plastic lamps and lanterns, such as a pattern or image slices. This type of lamps and lanterns is mainly used for projection images and graphics.


HTP (Highest Takes Precedence of the most preferred) - an output parameter &#118alues the Highest priority and take lamps and lanterns does not consider the change of time control table function.


Inhibitive Master (disable Master) - similar to Master putter, but can only be used in a number of specified on the lamps and lanterns.


LD - Lighting Designer (Lighting Designer).


Look (scenario) - with the CUE.


LTP (Latest Takes Precedence of the latter is preferred) - a take lamps and lanterns of parameter &#118alues in recent change to output and does not consider changes of numerical control machine functions.


Media Server, Media Server) - one for playback and video and static images DMX control computer system.


MIDI (himself to Instrument Device Interface Instrument Device Interface) - a kind of commonly used trigger controller or other equipment.


The Node (the Node) - a attached to a network can send or receive electronic equipment to forward information on the network.


Operator (the Operator) - the one responsible for lighting control stage CUE playback.


Page (Page) - a is used to describe a series of arrangement in an organized way CUE list of terms. Multiple pages are often used to allow in a control on the stage to make a lot of playback.


Lamps and lanterns of the Palette (material) - parameter specifies a reference &#118alue. Material can be recorded into the CUE instead of the actual parameter &#118alues. At some point the taichung is also known as a preset (presets).


The Parameter (parameters) - a function of lamps and lanterns is called a Parameter.


Patch (matching) - at this point the taichung connection number to the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and dimmers DMX address information.


Playback (Playback) - from the control of the information stored in the taichung bring up function.


The Plot (drawing) - lamps and lanterns and they placed the location of the diagram. Often including lighting DMX address related information. Also known as a plan (layout) or drawing (drawing).


Preset (presets) - according to different types of control table, the word has a different meaning. Can also see the Cue and the Palette.


Programmers (programmer) - the world's most lovely people!


Programmer (Programmer window) - control on a screen or window displays the current edit information.


Rate (Rate) - a tracking or effect of speed.


RDM (Remote Device Management, Remote Device Management) - DMX an extension of the agreement, it can feedback data and parameter configuration of lamps and lanterns.


RGB (Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green and Blue) - a blending method based on adding the specified wavelength light.


Rig (equipment) - the entire lighting system, including hoisting points, truss, lamps and lanterns and the control table.


The Sequence (Sequence) - an organized CUE or step list.


Show the Control performance (Control) - used to send command or sending commands from a Control table to a Control table external trigger.


SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture andTelevision Engineers, film and television Engineers association) - a set and defined technical standard of professional groups. It's time code format in this book have a reference.


Timecode (time code) - embedded in the audio or video track of timing information.


Timing (Timing) is applied to the lamps and lanterns is the &#118alue of the parameter crossfade.


Tracking (track) - a record only changes in control table function &#118alue to the CUE. A &#118alue will always remain the same until it is another CUE or control table function changes.


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply Uninterruptible Power Supply) - a can be generated in the main Power Supply failure to provide emergency Power Supply of electronic equipment.


Visualizer (visualization software) - a work with lighting control table used to visualization simulation software platform for the state of the real world light.


Wash (dyeing) - a design with color or pattern to completely cover the stage or the lights of the planar area or scenarios. Bathed in light from "bathed in light ()" the phrase.


Wash Light lamp (dyeing) - a slice of lamps and lanterns has no design or picture. This kind of lamps and lanterns is mainly used to use color to stage or set a wide range of rendering.

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