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What effect does each have different stage equipment
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Stage equipment it is a tiger house for drama performance of fixed on the stage of equipment, with the continuous development of stage equipment market in China, is now a set equipment the most, and lighting equipment, audio equipment, special equipment such as the indispensable equipment on the stage.

In various regions, countries and different historical times, the habit of use theater stage equipment is different, for example used artifacts, ancient Greek theatre before the Roman arena also used before the curtain rises from the bottom up, famous Italian Renaissance artist leonardo Da Vinci has been designed in the dramatics turntable, Italy stage had used suspended flyer and set of mechanical system, and to human mechanical manipulation of side curtain set the whole mechanical system.

Stage equipment according to its characteristic and purpose of the divided into four categories. First, the fire protection equipment, mainly in order to prevent safety accidents such as fire. Second, set equipment, it is mainly installed on the stage of zenith fence. Third, lighting equipment, it is mainly for stage lighting rendering. Fourth, sound equipment, it is mainly for stage provides an introduction to the background music and sound.

With the development of science and technology, some traditional stage equipment have disappeared in the river of history. Stage equipment and stage effect is becoming more and more modernization, such as: digital water curtain free fall the myriad of change of images, words, figures, forms, beautiful, can take turns to play or change ideal rendering graphics, text, Numbers, build a different atmosphere.

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