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Stage acoustics seven aspects of common failures
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What are the common failure stage acoustics, this is we need to pay attention at ordinary times. Only understand the problem, can according to these to do better, to the limits of stage acoustics characteristic. Beijing DE um's stage engineering co., LTD., to introduce about sound seven common fault. Let's take a look at.

1, the line should be according to the standard connection. Common large acoustic communication interference in a system is not ready cause of line connection, there is balance and balance is not balanced and unbalanced turns connection must be in accordance with the standard connection, and don't use inferior connectors.

2, the effect of loop processing. Should take the pusher of the rear signal and avoid the effect is not caused by controlled receiver noise, return to the conditional takes up all the channels, so it is more convenient to debug.

3, how to deal with the signal. A don't do electronic frequency division directly with all frequency signal to power amplifier drive speakers, so that a voice also not burn unit, but low unit all frequency sound. Such as signal obtained from inappropriate location in the system will also bring needless trouble to control. Second, do not know from where the system to extract the bass signal processing.

4, the system level. One is the insufficient power amplifier sensitivity control switches, and two is zero level adjustment system did not do. Sometimes mixer channel to push a little output has is very big, this kind of situation will affect the system dynamic and distortion.

5, signal distribution problem. Under the condition of the sound field with several groups of speakers, often use a balancer will be assigned to more than one signal amplifiers drive speakers. But at the same time, it may be a different brand model of amplifier and speakers in such allocation signal caused a lot of problems, whether the impedance matching, whether the equilibrium level distribution, obtained the power amp is normal, and with a balanced is very difficult to adjust frequency characteristics of sound field and speakers.

6, graphic equalizer frequency adjustment problems.

7, how to adjust pressure limit problem. Common decoration simply doesn't work and role of excessive counterproductive. Can make do with the former, the latter will have serious impact on system dynamic, the voice of the not to come out, the more obvious performance is London voices are natural weakened the singer.

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