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The stage lighting equipment maintenance?
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Light matters needing attention


1 and half an hour before the opening, open all equipment, low temperature preheating, test all the equipment and lines at the same time. Low temperature state refers to a dim light can;


2, warmed up after fifteen minutes to zero in all equipment, equipment cooling, cooling time not less than 15 minutes;


3, after cooling, can be formally entered the stage of music performance;


4, the performance, after the guests leave, lighting engineer should shut down all equipment, and make the equipment cooling 15 to 20 minutes, then equipment for storage or mask, juicers before departure.


Lighting equipment maintenance is more complicated than the level of sound, is trivial, basically do daily routine detection, regular weekly, monthly equipment maintenance and debugging appropriately;


Conventional detection range includes:


1, whether or not the bulb light properly;


2, all the devices of attachment is normal;


3, all the equipment whether can normal use, including light switch, color changer control, motion and so on is normal,


4, DMX512 signal whether can normal control lamps and lanterns;


5, special equipment is normal use, and fill them with the required materials, such as: machine, fog machine, snow machine, bubble machine, etc.


Regular testing


Regular testing in addition to routine monitoring all project also note the following points


1, in the weeks to detect when the connection to the main test equipment, including power cords, DMX512 cords, etc., and see whether there is loose, whether there is a breakpoint, etc.


2, when tested for weeks at the same time, should be more fully adjust the lamp and DMX512 programming;


Monthly equipment maintenance and proper adjustment


An appropriate adjustment of the every month in addition to routine monitoring and testing of all work a week, it will be a very meticulous work, need to coordinate multiple departments, such as actors, band, weak current, security, cleaning, etc., at the same time in the month test, to complete the following work.


1, light adjustment; Because in use there will be a part of the lamp, the change of movement or guest area lead to light changes, so in each month for the adjustment of the equipotential, of course, also include DMX512 signal control amount;


2, the testing of mechanical equipment, including the amount of motor, the color changer, special equipment of nozzle, etc.


3, check all the lines. To detect whether there is a breakpoint, breakage, leakage, because some human factors is in use to avoid lines appear all sorts of unexpected circumstances, such as ferrous wire is breaking, often plug wire, or about breakpoints, occasionally because and beverage line leakage or short circuit, etc., so the test should be very careful. The weak current testing needed to cooperate to complete;


4, clean lamps and lanterns of internal and external dust and garbage. Light itself will have some rubbish in use, such as residue inside the lamp bulb explosion of garbage, or other foreign minister time teach, special effects in the audience area machinery easy to fall into some rubbish, such as ribbon bar, scales, drinks the residual liquid, and so on. So be scraped clean lamps and lanterns outside of garbage and sewage, and clear the trash inside the lamp, this link need cleaning to cooperate;


5, check all fire protection equipment. Lighting, audio circuits is one of the most concentrated in the type of work, high voltage into the weak current, relevant equipment, related wire more, so fire is a top priority in the lights work, in the monthly routine check, should cooperate with security department, for all fire protection facility, fire fighting equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, monitoring scope includes the normal degree of fire-fighting equipment, fire fighting equipment choice whether normal, whether in the warranty period, etc.


In addition to the daily monitoring, test every week, every month comprehensive inspection, lighting engineers must know about all of the equipment and the environment is very, do please timely treatment, so as to have the good visual environment at the same time there is enough security.

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