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The stage lighting used in indoor decoration
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Most of the time we will feel the usefulness of stage lighting is limited to the stage, but that is not the case, more and more people will be introduced to the stage lighting of indoor decoration, let indoor decoration present diversity, when you match different lights, whole and indoor environment has become another realm. Stage lighting is also called "stage lighting", hereinafter referred to as "light". One of the stage art modelling method. Use of stage lighting equipment, such as lighting lamps and lanterns, lantern, control system, etc.) and the technical means, with the development of the plot, with light color according to the environment and its change, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, highlight the central character and create stage space feeling, sense of time, portray the external image of the stage, and provide the necessary lighting effects (wind, rain, cloud, water, lightning), etc.


In home outfit process, of indoor lamplight decorate is a kind of collocation is art. Light is a kind of light atmosphere, and form a comfortable space atmosphere of a big factor is significant. Good lighting arrangement can sometimes open space, to enhance the visual transparent feeling, bad lighting layout will affect the person's mood. Look together in the process of domestic outfit collocation, how should we correctly the collocation of lighting design.


As the saying goes, a good swift horse horse only met bole organic show their life skills, a good performers only when a suitable stage to show he is more vivid. Good stage will have to use light to decorate, the lights streaming it can portray the mood of performers to do. Indoor decoration also like performers in light present a different style.


Some friends because decorate limited budget, hope in the later through the light to make up for all sorts of domestic outfit is not perfect, the installation of too much light is the most common. Found that too much to shoot the light is not only a waste of electricity, under the such as sitting still hot, or those colorful light household into KTV, feeling unwell. Whether you are a pursuit of lighting effects on the grounds that household installed too many shoots the light source is a bad choice. Aside to shoot the light of the degree of power consumption, safe hidden trouble, for much of shoot the light to have a lot of heat, home decoration products in high temperature environment for a long time, it is easier to cause fire.


The porch place that take the door while the requirements of the light shoulds not be too bright, but can't do without a light source, suggest that should consider when porch decorate the light setting here. If aisle can't install droplight, considering at the corner of the corridor was laid floor lamp, decoration of the corridor and debris removed as far as possible, make it more capacious.

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