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The use of the stage LED display taboo
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In the previous stage, the function of the LED is simple, mainly show video data and the synchronization of video images. At the time of the stage, the stage workers did not be included in the stage of the category, just treat it as a stage of a big TV. Now, the LED as an extension and supplement of stage performance, enrich the content of performance, provides viewers with performance information outside of itself. At the same time, the audience through the LED large screen from the perspective of a single, fixed, can even see his reaction, also formed a certain novelty on the vision.


Stage of LED large screen LED large screen can be a image segmentation for multiple video footage broadcast, display screen can be independent, combining with the relevant background, use any combination play, big screen according to performance requirements, according to the partition and background images can be realized by the superposition of, according to the same picture with video signal processor played or synthesis, can be shown on the characterization, play, or call waiting to do text scrolling playing, can level video picture screen, also can lift up and down into words, personality video images, lighting, and beautify the stage background and stage ground, through the software design and system control meet the demands of the other, advantage, can adopt frame structure design, tear open outfit is convenient, reliable, easy to maintain application occasions to major entertainment and large activities. However, efficient, convenient technology does not really mean the comprehensive utilization of hi-tech means on the stage, does not mean higher levels of the real stage. Here we explore the use of stage LED taboo.


Overall, regardless of the local LED screen


Many large party in the field at the same time, most will be put forward through the TV live transmission requirements. At this point, the creation of the party team not only want to consider the effect of live performances of the party, is to balance the propagation characteristics of television. In traditional stage production, television camera crews can find in the background video brightness low background or color differences as the background of the subject of the background picture, realize the unique effect of television art, but in large LED screen used today, if at the beginning of the design without considering the needs of the television cameras, final rendered images will be lack of stereo feeling, the subject and background is easy to joint and overlap, the effect of TV broadcasting will be discounted. Television images of basic structure unit is different JingBie lens, in simple terms is a panoramic view, middle distance and close-up, and live performances are more "panoramic" effect. Many creative team in the choreography, often only considering the effect of "big" panoramic rendering, middle of TV broadcasting time need, especially features a lack of consideration.


Abuse of live stage LED display picture


Manufacturing technology of escalating, many production team, and the characteristics of the organizers to screen "hd" fondle admiringly, then easy to "penny wise and pound foolish" in the process of creation myth. As far as possible in order to reflect the nature of high-definition screens, producers are often interested in live video broadcast to photograph on the wall of video as a background of real stage. In the song and dance show, for example, broadcast images of urban landscape, cultural life, to realize the program art deduce with realistic rendering of the screen, but counterproductive results. Stage shows the pursuit of a high sense of form, colour, light, formation, for long, and most of the live action of the video, the film is too colorful, as a main stage background, it will show on the stage in the form of a deduction bring huge damage, let the audience not to be able to "see" and "don't know what to see" mixed and disorderly feeling, originally used in the design of strengthening program effect, finally also brings huge impact to the viewers, also violated the basic principles of stage design service for the show.


Abuse of LED screen, destroy the lighting effects


LED screen gradually reduce the production cost, make many creators blindly following the concept of "panoramic video stage", extensive use of LED screen in the choreography, have even more, all dance beautiful mural with LED instead. But many creators ignores the LED screen is easy to bring huge stage light pollution reality, design the stage, the whole light synthesis, have to regret. In the program's overall design, lighting plays a huge role, it can make the whole stage magic spaciousness and administrative levels sense, let whole visual presentation more interesting. In traditional stage the choreography, the only source of light is lighting system, juicers, director, choreographer, mutual cooperation, can use lighting creates a unique stage space.

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