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Amount of several common troubleshooting
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The lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is a kind of important computer. In performing activities plays a foil, rendering stage artistic conception, arousing the emotion and so on, and therefore is widely applied.


Amount is a relatively sophisticated equipment, which combines electronic, mechanical, optical, the environment, transport and use the demand is higher, so the failure rate is higher also. Here combining with fault phenomena, the possible reason do a analysis, provide the reference for the related personnel.


Boot no reaction


1, the power supply is normal, the power cord out of lamps and lanterns;


2, lamps and lanterns of insurance have burn out;


3, lamps and lanterns of switch power supply output voltage.


Boot is not bright bubble


1, the first to judge a good light bulb, the bulb the poles in the distance is too long, if there is a leak (glass shell inside a piece of ivory), and see the light bulb is loose.


2, determining the lamps and lanterns in is in a state of some bubble, the bubble motherboard points is measured voltage output is normal, normal generally is 10 ~ 12 v voltage.


3, if the above two points and correct, measuring point bubble instant electronic ballasts have about 380 v ac voltage output, if there is output, indicates that ballast is good, so you can directly determine the problem is the trigger.


Start work after a period of time, lamps and lanterns automatic reset


1, switching power supply output voltage instability;


2, line cable is loose or line pressing there is no pressure, lead to poor contact, thus appeared automatic reset.


Bulb automatic bubble


1, the light bulb out the bubble, over time and automatic light bubble, check the cooling system is working correctly, if the cooling system failure, lead to the lamp body temperature, temperature control switch will automatically jump to open, so as to ensure the safe use of lamps and lanterns. Close the case, lamps and lanterns in the electronic light as the light body temperature reducing, and automatically, it will light up.


2, the light bulb out after soaking, does not automatically light bubble: bulb problems of its own, albino shaped bulb sphere surface, internal in black, bright out after a period of time also can appear dip phenomenon (lamp life end).


3, lamps and lanterns in the case of no control signal for a long time also can appear out automatic protection, through to automatically after the signal light.


Pattern plate, color plate, prism, lens, zoom jammed, jitter, out of step


1, card is dead for the mechanical reason (except CMY color piece), when a piece of shade CMY burst, make its off, thus affect the normal operation of other color piece, this time will appear color piece stuck phenomenon: such as pattern plate, color plate deformation, fixed screw loose fall off, fixed pattern of pressure spring pop up wait for a reason, will lead to a stuck.


Step 2, shaking and loss: screw loose or fall off, the channel on the main board of the chip burn, motor line contact undesirable, broken skin of short circuit, the motor itself.


Horizontal vertical (X/Y) out of step, not position


1, lotus root dust too much light, infrared light can't control in place;


2, light lotus root plate is damaged, the light lotus root lotus root the distance between the plate and light regulating improper (exclude, should be light lotus root plate in the middle of the light lotus root plate, and do not shave, touch, 磳);


The above is the analysis of the causes of some common faults, actually want to reduce the occurrence of fault, the usual maintenance is necessary, the following simple introduce some matters that should pay attention to routine maintenance:


1, optical element, first with a vacuum cleaner or blowing air blow the surface dirt gently, with no smell cotton paper or soaked with water cotton cloth to wipe the granular material, by using ethylene propylene glycol cotton cloth or no smell of paper take out smoke and residue, the use of distilled water in the clean, and dry with a soft cotton cloth.


2, with coating color, design, and optical lens parts, by coating layer surface is very fragile, it is easy to scratch, so don't use damaging solvent to clean;


3, to frequent replacement air filter cotton, so that it is in the best state of ventilation, culture to enhance the heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns;


4, to should take put down gently, avoid collisions, falls, etc;


5, pay attention to do not use in sand dust more occasions;


6, the power supply voltage should be stable, long-term supply voltage at about 240 volts to consider regulated power supply;


7, after the performance, use the console out the bubble, lamps and lanterns is not cut off the power, let it continue to work for a period of time (let the fans continue to work in lamps and lanterns, in order to reduce the temperature in the body).


8, liquidity after the performance, to load the special flight case of moistureproof and shockproof, fixed installation should pay attention to prevent dust, prevent impact of etc.

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