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How to ensure the security of the large-scale party lights?
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Safety and reliability of large gala lighting control system and its system configuration, has been a large-scale theatrical performances lighting design considering the key issues in the first place. Optical system is scientific and reasonable configuration, is directly related to the party's technical quality and artistic quality. Juicers, therefore, the selection of lighting control system, configuration, virtually also became a competition between the equipment manufacturer of lamps and lanterns and important subject of research study.


At present, large outdoor theatrical performances (activities), frequently and televised, lighting control system performance is reliable, will directly about the lighting effects of each program, the party will directly about the quality of the television broadcast. In order to ensure the party scene lighting control foolproof, in addition to the selection, configuration, mature technology, stable and reliable performance of the film and television lighting dimming products, scientific and reasonable design, configuration, backup control system is extremely important.


Lighting control system is the film and television, as we all know, the lifeline of stage lighting, dimming is the heart of the system, its importance is self-evident. Light control system is not lighting engineering systems, it mainly includes the dimmer and dimmer clothes closet or dimming silicon box, color change, power amplifier and other lamps and lanterns command according to the signal from top, bottom, left, right, spins, and according to the signal light instruction is strong, weak, bright and dark, colour, pattern changes in a variety of electric equipment of the adaptor. Its safety and reliability will directly cause the party can normal run smoothly. Once the lighting control system malfunction, the performance will not be able to undertake, if the cause of the dark and the consequences would be catastrophic. Everything we do will be disqualified, all the efforts of negative flow. Can say, lighting control system, which is the lifeblood of the film and television art stage, its safety reliable performance has no, theatrical performances and the fundamental guarantee of the success or failure and safety performance. "


So, how do we prevent and eliminate electric system fault, to ensure that the party has come to a successful conclusion? In addition to all the staff to have safety consciousness, the careful construction, careful operation, pay attention to every details on the job, we believe that there are three basic reasons for system failure:


1, the power interference


This situation mainly comes from the local power grid, the performance of current voltage caused by the power dispatching control is not stable, lead to the impact of the current wave light switch system, short circuit or the breakdown signal diode failure, cause the scene all (or part) of lamps and lanterns is not controlled (that is, SCR silicon block was breakdown), lamps and lanterns is open or closed. In addition, the dynamic current reversal caused by light signal interference, and cause accident.


To avoid the occurrence of the accident, we must in addition to the selection and configuration of good lighting control system, understand the local power supply is configured, at the scene of the performance in the configuration of the voltage regulator, is also very necessary.


2, the mutual interference between the light and control system,


In a large, film and television art performance activities, large lighting control system is essential. All kinds of electric equipment in the system docking, connection, and operation of mutual cooperation, strong, the weak current signal of different orders and those who accept the different order of lamps and lanterns, equipment produced by the different change and action, is likely to be an accident and cause failure


First said that move light (control). Dimmer or move light clothes closet in accepted by dimming signal sent after, according to the different instructions, control acting on the stage, or change the voltage on both ends of the light source of lamps and lanterns, in the studio to adjust the strong light of lamps and lanterns (bright), to show the light is strong, weak, Ming, dark orderly distribution and change, so as to realize the design of lighting engineers expected purpose. Dimming machine is through the weak current signal to control the equipment of high voltage signal, therefore, its performance must be considered in the selection of the equipment reliability, and its anti-jamming performance and safety performance indicators. Special attention should be paid to the dimming units if there is leakage phenomenon, especially in front of the site operation, be sure to check the leakage dimming units. That move light leakage, not only can destroy the whole system, is also likely to endanger life safety. Do live performances, therefore, to the best light ground, to avoid the tragedy.


Second, the control system of electric control system and the signal cable line disorderly distribution, also caused the cause of the instruction is out of control, signal disorders (failure). Here is the main reason of the failure to produce man-made. Transactional work, because of the large field "abortion", easy to overlook some important work on details: such as all kinds of line disorderly interweave, equipment handling broken line, field personnel to kick off or trampled connectors, etc. All of these are likely to cause the disruption of the signal and the more serious consequences. So all the work must be put in place, the installation of high quality construction, rigorous and meticulous operation, is to assure the safety of the film and television stage art performance activities and orderly.


3, lighting engineering systems interfere with each other on each work link


Elaborate design, careful construction, careful operation is to avoid interference or the basic guarantee of the accident. Detail is the base of success. Lighting design should fully consider the possibility of implementation technology and safety, for the listing of lamps and lanterns, field investigation, distribution requirements, signal systems (the amount of signals, change color machine, machine signals, snow machine, bubble machine, confetti, fireworks emitter signals, etc.), lamps and lanterns hanging system security, power supply reliability and all kinds of signal line plug, switching, amplification, and so on, should have a clear, detailed and comprehensive planning. According to the desired film stage project schedule and their specific situation, do a lighting project schedule time schedule, the implementation of the step by step. Must consider some more in the whole engineering works for performing arts have other problems that may occur, once appear, make sure to get timely solve.


A complete lighting control system design scheme, must also consider the core to the system configuration backup plan. For the controller can increase the double mechanical and electrical source in hot backup in order to improve the reliability of the system. On the console, best can have a repository to store all kinds of information, such as the amount of control, the use of information repository, database performance, etc., through the network, each console can invoke the relevant information at any time.


Under the premise of putting in place a budget, lamps and lanterns, installation construction mainly pays special attention to the following work:


1) into the field of lamps and lanterns, with all the equipment to do a comprehensive safety inspection before loading, in addition to more caused by transportation zero, parts damaged or unsafe hidden danger, ensure that installed in the lamps and lanterns, the equipment can work normally.


2) make all the power cord and signal wire insulation safety inspection, especially to check the safety insulation lengthened, transfer interface; For people a big place, the line must be set up, aviation or laying safe mat, avoid man-made "accidental" accident; Loose connectors must check reshipment, don't be careless. All interfaces, jack to do stress (pull) processing, to avoid "accidents" pulled apart or cause drag mark.


Electrical wiring system construction should comply with the national electrical equipment installation engineering construction standard GBJ232-82, should meet the technical requirements for lighting wiring GYJ45 in 3.6. Power outlet with multi-function studio lighting to use and distribution of the theatre, to meet the requirements of the use of different light lamps and lanterns. On derrick outlet should be chosen accord with CEE - 17 specifications of 16 or 32 A dustproof splash A socket.


Signal wiring system requirement is DMX signal system. DMX signal should choose air control socket outlet. System of main amplifier and different points between the amplifier and distributor, must have a full isolation protection function, to ensure the reliable signal transmission, no crosstalk phenomenon. System should possess strong electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference ability, in the event of interference problems, termination resistors should be considered. To pay attention to the distribution and use of signal isolation amplifier, such as signal lines more than 150 meters, should consider to increase the signal amplifier.


3) to do a good job of testing, debugging, lighting control system, especially to the dimming light, color changer, lighting, console and its adjustment and test of power amplifier and so on work;


Large outdoor stage, film and television evening party, usually field are broad and profound, adjusted light distance and the lines in the long run, easy to cause the signal attenuation, and adopt the way of scattered concentration to different light of lamp are group of multipoint control, to ensure the stability of transmission signal, but also disperse the risk of accidents.


At the scene of the play, usually lamps and lanterns and silicon box is close to the distance, do so in addition to guarantee the relative safety, also can shorten the length of the power cord to reduce investment. But it caused the dimmer, between Taiwan and the silicon box "remote control", when both are far apart, need to join the DMX512 signal amplifier digital transmission signal is amplified and thus ensure the system signal between sending and receiving in a reliable way.


In addition, to put an end to all the food and beverage in the console, in case of accidents, especially in the process of performance, a bit inadvertent, will cause serious consequences, all efforts will be one of the "negative" water.


In short, in order to ensure that the film and television literary stage light effect is colourful, and be on the safe side, first, to select and equipped with reliable quality lighting control equipment. Second, in the core part of the lighting control system must be rational allocation of advanced and reliable backup system. Third, smoothly for the party, usually in the main control dimmer taichung add auxiliary light equipment. Fourth, if the condition allows, a signal can be configured identifier completion signal switching. Fifth, configure a backup controller, will design a good lighting scene into a backup controller in advance, so that when the main controller fails, can be deposited in the field in advance the contents of the backup controller tuning out to finish the party program.


The progress of science and technology, to provide reliable technical support for us. Especially after the DMX512 digital transmission protocol system, lighting control system data transmission link between the various kinds of interference has been effectively suppressed, basically solved the analog signal during transmission cable, the introduction of wireless interference problem. The adoption of digital technology, system integration greatly improved, board level significantly decreased failure rate, the comprehensive performance of the system is also greatly improvement. I hope one day, a large outdoor film and television literary stage lighting control system all adopt the network digital transmission protocol, provide the audience with the brilliant light art effect, makes program more enjoyable.

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